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Stella Noire Collection

Text - Stella Noire Collection

Violence toward women that occurs as an instrument of patriarchal control continues to be commonplace and is often not adequately addressed in the justice system. Today’s female avenger doesn’t need to commit an act of violence to achieve personal and political vindication. This can be achieved with the simple use of word of mouth - Speaking up to fight against the powerlessness of women that face gender based violence.

The new femme finds that she must combine aspects of her feminine power with characteristics traditionally understood to be masculine, to create a unique new persona of empowerment. Josephine Cosmetics encourages women to be both feminine and aggressive in their stance against violence and to belie stereotypes that suggest this combination is not possible.

Gray - Stella Noire Collection

No longer is “femininity” akin to “softness”. Gone are the days of the “weaker sex”. High heels aren’t meant to slow a woman down - they’re meant for putting confidence on a pedestal. The click-clack across the pavement is a battle cry: “We are coming. We are here.”  Makeup isn’t a mask to hide from the world - it’s war paint.

Meet Stella Noire- hyperluxe lip arsenal inspired by lady vigilantes & worthy of the modern femme fatale. A collection that declares - “we’ve got something to say”.

Stella Noire is an unstoppable team of beauty heroes. A dauntless collection poised to empower our glamourites with bold lips speaking our new truth.

With every purchase of a product in our new lip arsenal, Joséphine will donate partial proceeds to support efforts in addressing gender based violence.



Stella Noire Collection


An unstoppable squad of semi-sheer organic and vegan lipsticks.

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Stella Noire CollectionHYPERLUXE FAIRE LA BISE

Lip-to-cheek baume with double duty sheen and color.

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