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Discover Joséphine Cosmetics

Glamorously Healthy™ Beauty Products. Haute Natural Makeup Collection. Sultry Vegan Beauty Products. Cruelty Free. No Harmful Toxins.

Tale of Joséphine Cosmetics

untamed. couture. opulent. radical.

Sultry natural & vegan cosmetics as exquisite as couture. A cabaret for the face - celebrating individuality through glamorously healthy beauty products. We translate runway trends into must-have beauty colors and naturally formulate for optimal results. Joséphine thrives on providing glowing, healthy skin and ignites the unconventional beauty. Radically Chic. Mesmerizing Colors. Earth Friendly. Joséphine unleashes a blend of vintage French elegance with New York City downtown cool, delivering something really chic and very seductive.

A boutique, natural, vegan & modern cosmetics brand that is bold and trendsetting. Heavily inspired by the untamed and fierce, the allure of haute couture, the opulence of 1920s starlet Josephine Baker and coupled with a radical Avant Garde aesthetic – Joséphine is exotic, extraordinary, natural and vegan beauty.

Our Philosophy

Our Belief.

We believe beauty is measured not by society’s standards but by each individual. The carefree spirit of the untamed and fierce will be manifested in Joséphine. We believe that you can be bold and strikingly beautiful with the use of our chic, effective, natural cosmetic products. Many makeup brands are mass-produced with mysterious chemicals, but Joséphine chooses to bottle authenticity in our ingredients with the simple use of natural oils & minerals. Experience haute naturals™ that delivers glamour with creativity and attitude.

Our Promise.

Joséphine promises to create natural beauty products that reflects a sultry and glamorous attitude. Joséphine delivers glam-packed goodness to those who express themselves in creatively.

Why We're Haute

We’ve redefined luxury in beauty, creating the alternative to conventional makeup lines, without the sacrifice of natural and vegan ingredients. We exude an innovative yet certain je ne sais quoi with our approach to natural beauty. We answer to those who want to be glamorously healthy.

Haute Naturals

Our luxe products are produced with our Haute Naturals™, a collection of essential oils, minerals, natural oils and herbal extracts combined to Balance, Purify, Regenerate, Illuminate, Hydrate and Heal. Joséphine Cosmetics delivers maximum effectiveness without mineral oils, bismuth oxychloride, animal products, talc, parabens, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, pesticides or carcinogens. We are Vegan & Cruelty free.

Choose Cruelty Free

As an official member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program, Joséphine products are developed without the use of animal testing and with true care and respect for our environment. Joséphine Cosmetics' Policy on Animal Testing states: ‘It is Joséphine Cosmetics' opinion that sufficient non-animal alternative safety testing methods have now been developed, which make it no longer necessary to perform animal tests on cosmetic end products. Joséphine Cosmetics will not conduct or commission any animal tests on any product or ingredient at any time during or after development or launch of the product. Nor do we condone such testing.’


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For media inquiries, please contact:

I want to take the time to personally thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I’ve made sure to pour the best quality work into creating luxury natural beauty products & a luxe Joséphine Cosmetics experience – everything from the vintage packaging details, formulating, to designing the website – have all been created for the glamorously healthy.  I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and answer any questions; or if you simply want to share your enthusiasm for the line – feel free to email me directly at
~ Bisous, Sholayide

Story of Sholayide

A young beauty aficionada stood in her bedroom trying to understand why natural cosmetics were so…basic. Where were the brands that celebrated and cultivated individualism? Where was the glamour?

In the shadow of Paul Colin’s Le Bal Negre poster of Josephine Baker—the rogue icon flashing her seductive smile—Sholayide began to dream up a world of Sirens and Socialites, Femme Fatales and Free Spirits who eschewed “beauty standards”, seeking not only to go against the grain, but transcend it. Women like her.


Their eyes dark and stormy. Their lips stark raving red. Their skin incandescent. Their product arsenal completely natural.

Sholayide would create the beauty brand of their dreams.

She mirror-mirrored on the wall, experimenting with colors, creams, and concepts. She moonlighted for the most prestigious French brands. She researched Ayurvedic skin care rituals, apothecary treatments, and homemade recipes, and created her own blends. She crisscrossed beauty tradeshow carpets, meeting manufacturers who could deliver extravagant tints and lavish skincare using lush, natural ingredients.

When her experience and effort came together in a collection of provocative pigments and decadent emulsions, Sholayide knew the face of natural beauty would never be the same. More importantly, with Joséphine, it would never again be basic.