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Glamourite Audrey Kitching Reveals Her Beauty Regime

by Sholayide Otugalu |

She's not your typical "pretty in pink" gal next door. Beauty badass slash model slash designer, Audrey Kitching is known for her head turning campaigns. She is without a doubt the Glamourite you need to or should already know.  Her jaunty style and ethereal beauty captures & tantalizes one's soul. We caught up with the bonafide spirit junkie to find out her natural beauty routine. Read her regimen below...

Bottle - Glamourite Audrey Kitching Reveals Her Beauty Regime"My beauty regimen is all about honesty and nourishment. I'm a true believer in beauty being much more than skin deep. Making sure I'm extremely hydrated with mineral water and fruit juice is a must, as well as avoiding all chemicals and false additives in anything I put in or on my body. I'm all about getting back to basics in a world of fillers and enhancements. Doing dead sea mud masks, berry enzyme peels and sea salt scrubs are all part of my weekly routine. When I'm not on set or taking a business meeting, I normally don't wear any makeup at all. Giving your skin a chance to breathe and be in its natural state is something I find very beneficial, especially when you're getting things glued to your face on a weekly basis.  So many people are terrified of aging, but I think there is something truly beautiful about a woman who embraces her beauty within the natural cycle of aging. No Botox or surgical procedures here! I do know this: If you take good care of your mind, body, and soul, a lot of the density and harsh chemicals which cause aging at a rapid rate can be diminished simply through proper self care.

Don't drive yourself mad over every little flaw. We are all going to age and go through the same cycle wither you try to fight it or flow with it. Natural is beautiful!"

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